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The Art of Iranian Painting Short write up about Iranian painting by Master
Mahmoud Farshchian (English).
Master Mahmoud Farshchian استاد فرشچیان Twenty Persian paintings 
Master Jalali Sousanabadiاستاد سوسن آبادی  Ten Persian Paintings
Master Bagher Aghamiri استاد باقر آقامیری Five Persian paintings
Master S. Mohsen Seyed Mahmoudاستاد سید محمود Two Persian paintings 
Reza Karimiرضا کریمی Six watercolor and oil paintings 

Calligraphy Selected calligraphy by famous Iranian artists.
Esrafil Shirchiاسرافیل شیرچی Ten selected calligraphy
Yadolah Kaboly Khansariیدالله کابلی خوانساری Ten selected calligraphy

Photography Selected work of Iranian artists.
Shahab Rabbaniشهاب ربانی Fifteen photographs from “Texture of a Culture” exhibition.