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Iran Online is one of the most comprehensive Iranian/English forums of its kind ever available on the Internet. It was established in February of 1996 by a group of Iranian / American computer engineers and marketers. IranOnline has no ties or affiliations with any government, group, or organization. We at IranOnline believe that all of our viewers should be treated equally regardless of their race, religion, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, affiliation, or political views. IranOnline started  with the following three specific business objectives:

1- To provide a worldwide bi-lingual (English – Farsi) forum for Iranians and other nationalities to become acquainted with Iran.

2- To provide a medium where Iranians can interact and communicate with one another.

3- To provide Iranian businesses with the most effective advertising medium.

Here is a short history of IranOnline.com

In 1996, IranOnline went Online from the shores of California to serve Iranian communities residing in North America to Europe, Asia, and beyond. IranOnline.com chat rooms; created a platform for all Iranians abroad to find each other and connect, soon after younger and pro-western culture Iranians joined the chats and connected with each other, many proposed and got married via the platform.

The most popular sections of the website were Multiple Chatrooms, Classified ads, where people who were looking for loved ones, that who had lost connections during the Iran-Iraq war, and in other situations found each other.

We have collected some screenshots of our past, to show the younger generation glimpse of our past to better understand our present.

The Classified Ads section, looked like this back in 1996:

IranOnline Magazine page started with these words:

The first issue of Iran Online Magazine is being prepared and is scheduled to be posted in the First half of December 1996. Iran Online Magazine emphasizes cultural, economical, and social issues that are of interest to Iranians. The following rules provide the overall guidelines:

People Magazine- “A magazine by the people, for the people, serving the people” is our goal. We encourage you to send us your articles, ideas, and comments and help us to realize this goal.

All-Inclusive- We will focus on issues and subjects that are not divisive. Therefore, we will not use this magazine to advocate political ideologies or religious viewpoints.

Reader Feedback- We will rely heavily on our reader’s feedback to make Iran Online Magazine as interesting as possible for all Iranians.

Sources for Articles- Our editorial staff, viewers, and publications with limited distributions will be primary sources for the articles.

Open Format- Articles will be in both Farsi and English. Articles will not have to follow any specific format.

We invite you to visit Iran Online Magazine’s upcoming issue. In the meanwhile, visit the other Iran Online homepages and send us your articles and ideas.

Editorial Department

Here is what Volume 1, Issue 1 looked like in January 1997:

Soon after its launch, in 1996 IranOnline Persian Cusine Recipes both in English and Farsi became popular and still are.